Cycling Fans in Washington, D.C., area, Disappointed, Not Surprised By Lance Armstrong's Admission That He Doped During Tour de France Wins

6:18 PM, Jan 15, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) --  On the streets of downtown D.C., only one of the several people expressed surprise that cycling superstar  Lance Armstrong admitted that he doped during his Tour de France victories.

In Silver Spring, Md., Michael Butchke declared that he wasn't mad at Lance.

Butchke is President of the Bicycle Place  which became one of several local hubs of cycling activity as Armstrong was climbing to rock star status.

Unlike a lot of his friends, Butchke believes Armstrong won all those  races not merely because of the PED but because he was a far superior athlete.

He came to suspect that Armstrong was cheating, much like "pro football and baseball players and wrestlers." Butchke's counting on Armstrong's admission to help begin the process of cleaning up professional  cycling.

In the District, Mary Dolbashian, a hair stylist and breast cancer survivor, insists that Armstrong is a hero. "Who hasn't lied?" she said.

Dolbashian points out that Armstrong is also a cancer survivor who raised $500 million for cancer research. 

Despite his admission that he cheated, then lied repeatedly about his doping, Mary, isn't mad at Lance either. 

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