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Fire at Prince George's Hospital

Prince George's Hospital is running on generators after a fire at the power plant. It means all surgeries or complex procedures may need to be rescheduled. We spoke to a father who was very distraught on Friday morning. He brought his 15-month-old daughter into the emergency room. She had a lump on her neck. Hospital staff turned him away because they didn't have the power to scan her. They couldn't use any CAT scans so they couldn't detect what was wrong. Staff members said it would be hours before they could transfer her, but course, this was an emergency situation for this young family so they chose to drive the girl themselves to Children's Hospital. The patients inside are still being cared for, but those complex operations and procedures and elective surgeries are being rescheduled. You can see some ambulances are parked outside the emergency room. They're not transporting patients because all ambulances and helicopters are also heading to other hospitals.

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