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PHOTOS: Tree Crushes Eldery Couple's Car

Last Saturday's fierce storms brought down an enormous tree at 38th and Appleton Streets in Northwest Washington, crushing a car that belonged to an elderly couple. The Gunthers'15-year-old Honda was decimated by the gigantic tree with a tremendous crash that they thought was thunder. The tree had been inspected five times by a D.C. tree inspector, and five times it was deemed healthy. The Gunthers, who do not have comprehensive car insurance, have no idea how they will get to doctor's appointments or the grocery store now that their transportation has been demolished. "We're quite old and to get around without a car, we'll have to manage somehow," said Paul Gunther, who said he just turned 90. Even if D.C.'s risk management department decides to compensate the Gunthers,it would likely be at the blue book value for their old car, which is probably not enough to buy another one.

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