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44 PHOTOS of Dogs That Look Visibly Upset With The Ridiculous Costumes They've Been Dressed In

Dressing dogs up in human clothing and costumes is a concept that I've never really grasped. Maybe it's the horrifying thought that lives in that back of my twisted mind that one day dogs will take over the world and dress me, as well as all of their former owners, in pink tutus to get back for years of warped wardrobes . I can't stand that thought...if I'm going to be forced to rock a tutu, I better have choice in color. But seriously, I've never really understood the whole doggy costume thing. Some dogs like it...I guess? Many of them, though, really seem opposed to the activity, much like the 44 dogs featured above. Take a look at this slideshow showcasing 44 photos from Flickr of dogs that look visibly upset with the ridiculous costumes their owners have dressing them up in. The costumes are absurd and the canine facial expressions are pretty priceless.

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