Straw Hat Bandit Robbed Pa. Grocery Story, Murdered Vincent Kelly, Says FBI

2:26 PM, Jul 1, 2013   |    comments
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SOUTH STRABANE TOWNSHIP, Pa. (WUSA9) -- The FBI is looking for information about the "Straw Hat Bandit," who is wanted for armed bank robbery and murder in Pennsylvania.

According to the FBI, a Washington, Pa. man was shot and killed on Father's Day when he tried to stop the Straw Hat Bandit at the Strabane Square Shopping Center in Pennsylvania. Authorities say the bandit went into the Giant Eagle supermarket at 2:20 p.m. and walked to the Citizens Bank inside the store. He then jumped over the teller counter, demanded money, and showed a gun, say authorities. He left with a bag of money.

The robber parked a small to mid sized, white, sedan near the pharmacy drive-through area, apparently to be close to an exit from the parking lot, says the FBI. Authorities say 46-year-old Vincent Kelley was grocery shopping with a friend when he saw the robbery. According to the FBI, he chased the robber into the parking lot and struggled with him inside of the car. He was shot multiple times during the struggle and died, say authorities.

Authorities say the robber drove the sedan south on Route 19 after leaving the shopping center and was last seen north of the interchange with I-70. A red dye pack placed in the money bag reportedly exploded inside of the getaway car, creating a cloud of red smoke.

Authorities are asking any drivers who may have seen a car fitting the description, driving erratically, or filled with red smoke on Route 19 or Interstates 70 or 79 to call police. They note that the dye pack would have caused burns and other irritation to anyone in the car and stains on the hands of anyone who handled the money. If you know someone with burns or red stains on their hands, or any auto shop that may be asked to clean a car with red stains on the interior, then please report it to law enforcement officials.

Police are also seeking any cell phone photos or video of the incident.

If you have any information, please call the South Strabane Police at (724) 350-2965 or your local FBI office.

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