Flight Attendants Union Start No-Knife Flight Petition

5:47 PM, Mar 20, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The Coalition of Flight Attendant Unions have started a 'No-knives On Planes" petition, in response to TSA announcing it will allow small knives in carry-on luggage.

"Knives will be allowed in our aircraft cabin on April 25 if we do not redouble our efforts now," the petition read.

Flight attendants will begin distributing leaflets at airports around the country on Thursday, encouraging passengers to sign the petition to keep knives out of the planes.

On March 5, TSA announced knives with blades no more than 2.36 inches in length from tip to where the blade meets the handle or hilt will be approved for carry-on. It also announced toy bats and sporting equipment such as hockey sticks and golf clubs will also be allowed on board aircraft.

As of Wednesday evening, the petition had 36, 307 signatures. The union needs a total of 63,693 signatures by April 5th.

The leaflet reads as follows: 

The new rule does not make sense for combating potential terrorist attacks nor the daily disturbances we handle by de-escalating conflicts or asking passengers to help us contain problems. Aircraft cabins are fuller than ever and Flight Attendant staffing has been cut. Introducing knives and other weapons into these situations makes our job harder and everyone in the cabin less safe.

It makes no sense to choose between guarding against a hostile take-over attempt and an explosive device. We need to ensure air travel is secured against all threats to our safety and security.

We believe the millions who travel expect to arrive safely - and it's our job to ensure it. Join us in opposition to this short-sighted, dangerous change to aviation security.

On Thursday, March 21, Flight Attendants from across the country will be enlisting the traveling public to help keep U.S. aviation the safest and most secure in the world.

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