Sequester Blame Game Has Already Begun

11:55 PM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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BETHESDA, MD (WUSA) --- After the White House Friday released;eased a lengthy list of federal programs that will be slashed by coming across-the-board sequestration budget cuts, WUSA-9 asked Scripps Howard columnist Martin Schram about efforts by both Republicans and Democrats to blame the other side if there is no deal preventing those cuts from taking place on March First.

"It's the same old ridiculous Washington blame game. That's what we're seeing right now," Schram said.

"Bottom line: when it happens, if it happens, they're going to blame the congress.

"When the White House blames the congress, the people are going to go along with that because what we've seen in the polls is that almost nobody respects the congress these days in the polls.

"If that happens, it's going to hurt the Republicans.icans more than the Democrats and deep down Speaker Boehner knows that," Schram said.

Because the cuts are so potentially damaging to the economy and to popular programs, Schram sees a desire to avoid them, but not a long-term plan to settle budget woes.

"I think that old can will get kicked yet again
down the same old road," he said, referring to temporary extensions of spending limits.

"So, a few months from now we're doing the same thing again?" Wusa-9 asked.

"And again, and again, and again," Schram replied.

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