George Lyon of Community Association For Firearms Education in Washington,D.C.,skeptical, interested in President Obama's gun plan

11:24 PM, Jan 15, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON,DC (WUSA) --- The Washington, D.C. chapter president of the Community Association for Firearms Education, George Lyon is watching the Obama Administration's plans to control gun violence with both skepticism and interest. Lyon was the plaintiff in the 2008 case that won the right of D.C. residents to have firearms in their homes.

"What I would like to see is some provision to provide real protection for children in public and private schools, armed guards would be a good idea. Beefing up police who patrol schools, they call them school resource officers.

"Another good idea: training of staff in how to deal with an active shooter situation or a lethal force situation. More importantly, I would like to see a program where teachers and administrators who volunteer, who go through the appropriate training, are allowed access to a firearm in the event of an active shooting situation, so that they can stand as a last line of defense of the defenseless children," Lyon told 9News Now.

"One of the problems with having one armed security guard, he then becomes the first target of an active shooter or terrorist. If the active shooter or terrorist doesn't know who has the gun then it is a deterrent effect, and the likelihood of an incident happening can be greatly reduced," Lyon said.

Lyon does not believe a ban on assault weapons would prove to be effective.

"We had a so-called assault weapons ban for 10 years. It had been studied to death, and the result of those studies was that it had no effect on crime so, essentially, this is an emotional response," he said.

The plan to limit ammunition magazines to only 10 bullets, he believes, is ill-considered.

"This is a terrible idea. The popular culture would tell you a bad guy gets shot once and falls down and dies. Well, not really. True, people have been shot 10, 15, 20 times and still remain in the fight, " he said.

"The situation where you are facing multiple opponents, if you've got only 10 rounds in the magazine and you've got two or three opponents, you had better be a damn good shot, and you had better hope that your hit placement is perfect, because the odds are you're going to die," Lyon said.

"It appears the Obama-Biden proposal will focus on rifles. I think it's important to understand that more people are killed with fists, with feet, with knives, with baseball bats, than with rifles. Approximately three to four hundred were murdered last year with rifles.

"That's minuscule compared to the number of people who were murdered with handguns. It's even more minuscule than the number of people killed by medical malpractice or killed by drunk drivers. You don't propose to outlaw cars because of drink driving. You should not propose to outlaw guns and their use by good guys because a few people misuse guns to horrible result," Lyon said.

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