49 Overcome By Carbon Monoxide At Atlanta Elementary School

10:18 PM, Dec 3, 2012   |    comments
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ATLANTA (WXIA) -- Police and rescue crews rushed to Finch Elementary School in Southwest Atlanta Monday morning, where at least 49 people were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes.

GALLERY:  Carbon Monoxide poisoning at Finch Elementary

The reports came in to 911 at about 8:35 a.m. Monday. The school is located at 1114 Avon Avenue in the Oakland City area.

Fire crews said when they arrived, at least six people had been overcome by the fumes. Three had regained conciousness. Officials said most of the people overcome were from a single classroom at Finch.

Atlanta Public School officials said six adults were transported to Atlanta Medical Center, and 43 students were taken to Children's Health Care of Atlanta at Hughes Spalding.

According to 11Alive's Paul Crawley, all the students at Hughes Spalding are in good condition after precautions taken for carbon monoxide exposure.

School officials said they were evacuating the entire school building as a precaution. Atlanta Public Schools officials said the remaining students from Finch were being bussed to Brown Middle School for the remainder of the school day, but that they are available for release right now.

Atlanta Fire Department Batallion Chief Todd Edwards said that when crews entered the building at Finch Elementary, the carbon monoxide levels -- at 1,700 PPM -- were the highest that they had ever recorded inside a building.

Lieutenant Marian McDaniel, speaking on 11Alive News Monday morning, said Finch is a relatively new school.

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