Customer Finds Roach Baked Into 'Supreme' Pizza

8:22 AM, Jul 19, 2012   |    comments
Bruno's Pizza (WTSP)
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TAMPA, Fla. (WTSP) - Earlier in July, we told you about all the problems at Bruno's Pizza #2 on West Waters Avenue in Tampa.

In May, a customer filed a complaint with the state, reporting after taking a bite that the slice "contained a German Cockroach in the toppings baked into the pizza."

On May 22, the state went in, temporarily closing down the restaurant and documenting seven critical violations, including cheese that was too warm at 57 degrees, an employee with no hair restraint, and live roaches. Five of the insects were found on and around the pizza station, more than 20 were in the food prep area, and five were crawling across the pizza pans.

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When we stopped by in June, owner Claudio Scipione told us he didn't have time to show us his kitchen and would like us to come back at a later date. "I'm trying to do five things at once. It's a bad time right now," he said.

So, this week, we stopped back again.

"My boss says he don't allow you guys on property," said an employee named Jack.

The owner wasn't around, but employees had plenty to say, suggesting we investigate other issues instead of all the insects. "Why don't you visit the pharmacies on Waters Avenue and check out all the drugs!"

Besides a pile of bugs on the kitchen floor, we also spotted employees serving food with their bare hands.

While some customers didn't seem too concerned about Bruno's history of violations, others say they may not be back. "Why would I want to eat somewhere there are roaches and insects inside my food?" one customer said.

See Bruno's complete inspection history here.

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