Greeks are queueing for food when the politicians are trying to finalize a potential power-sharing deal

2:54 PM, Jun 20, 2012   |    comments
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ATHENS, Greece (AP) - Hundreds of poverty-stricken Greeks are queuing for free vegetable handouts as politicians try to finalize a potential power-sharing deal that would end weeks of political uncertainty.

Leaders of three parties backing the debt-crippled country's bailout commitments will meet separately Wednesday to try and finalize a coalition agreement.

The conservative New Democracy came first in Sunday's national elections but without enough seats in Parliament to govern alone. They are in talks with the third-placed Socialists and the smaller Democratic Left party.

Socialist leader Evangelos Venizelos says a government could be formed Wednesday.

Greece depends on international rescue loans, granted in exchange for austerity commitments.

Farmers, meanwhile, are distributing 2,000 10-kilo vegetable packages in a central Athens park, in cooperation with municipal authorities.

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