Neil Munro Interrupts President Obama During Immigration Speech

3:30 PM, Jun 15, 2012   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- A reporter interrupted the President's speech on a new immigration policy in the White House Rose Garden on Friday afternoon. 

President Obama was visibly upset after the man, identified by multiple media outlets as Neil Munro, shouted out a question in the middle of the President's speech. 

"Not while I'm speaking," President Obama said, in a very sharp tone. "It's not time for questions." 

Monro stopped talking and the President continued his speech. 

Minutes later, President Obama addressed the man during the speech again. That's when Munro tried to speak over the President again. 

"I'm answering your question ... I didn't ask for an argument," President Obama said. 

The speech was about a new immigration policy that will allow younger, undocumented students, to stay in the United States, even though their parents brought them to the country illegally. 

"The Dream Act," is also viewed as a political ploy by the President's critics to win the Latino vote in the upcoming election. 

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Neil Munro and the publication where he works, "The Daily Caller," released these statements: 

Statements from The Daily Caller regarding exchange in White House Rose Garden

Neil Munro, White House Correspondent: "I always go to the White House prepared with questions for our president. I timed the question believing the president was closing his remarks, because naturally I have no intention of interrupting the President of the United States. I know he rarely takes questions before walking away from the podium. When I asked the question as he finished his speech, he turned his back on the many reporters, and walked away while I and at least one other reporter asked questions."

Tucker Carlson, Editor-in-Chief: "I don't remember Diane Sawyer scolding her colleague Sam Donaldson for heckling President Reagan. And she shouldn't have. A reporter's job is to ask questions and get answers. Our job is to find out what the federal government is up to. Politicians often don't want to tell us. A good reporter gets the story. We're proud of Neil Munro."

Neil Patel, Publisher: "The President today announced a very controversial policy and does not want to answer tough questions about it. Neil Munro is a veteran Washington reporter who today tried his best to time his question to be first as the President was wrapping up his remarks. He in no way meant to heckle the President of the United States."

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