Cool Schools: Bread Breaking Project Benefits Shelters

10:44 AM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
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ROCKVILLE, Md. (WUSA9) -- Some fourth graders are making bread so others can break bread in a project that gets them excited about science. They are learning the chemistry behind the crust in a really cool bread baking project working with scientists from Johns Hopkins University in Rockville.

Barbara Crews with Johns Hopkins University, told us," If the kids can touch it feel it, understand it's more than what they're reading in a book, it's more than a picture, it's more than what they see on the Promethian board. They actually can feel it. It relates!"

Student Carly Felischer shared, "It was so much fun. We did all this different stuff. We learned what vegetables to eat. We learned how good we could wash our hands. They put fake germs and we got to go wash our hands."

Five schools were part of the project. The hope is that while the students will learn about chemistry what they make will get handed over to Interfaith Works Homeless Shelters.

Charlotte Garvey Corbett with Interfaith Works said, "We're going to get hundreds of loaves of bread. We picked some up last week, we're going to keep picking it up this week in some of the schools... it's a special thing for them to share. What's more essential than bread to share?"

They also get to share their new skills at home.

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