Silver Spring Transit Center's Future In Limbo

7:52 PM, Jun 18, 2013   |    comments
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SILVER SPRING, Md. (WUSA9) -- Metro and Montgomery County are fighting over money and who's to blame like a couple headed to marriage counseling and still not quite on the same page.

The fenced-in Silver Spring Transit Center is what 6 years of construction and $120 million and counting has bought.

The new transit center is so screwed up it has been declared a safety hazard for running buses cars and people, so it just sits there behind locked gates, never opened and unused.

On Tuesday, Montgomery County officials said they're ready to plow ahead with a plan to fix it starting next month but Metro, the other partner in this deal, again warned "not so fast."

Since it's Metro that's going to run the center, the transit agency doesn't want to sign off on repairs that might leave it with huge maintenance problems for the next 50 years.

Metro explained it just needs testing to confirm that a plan for fixing the $120 million laughingstock will work. County officials say they're ready to move forward right now.

County General Services Director David Dise said he's aiming for construction to start on repairs to fix what wasn't done right the first time by mid-July. But three previous grand openings for the place have been announced and cancelled in the past. No one is promising when it will be ready and Metro is still not promising it will operate the place if it is not happy with test results on the repair plan.

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