McDonald's, Gold's Gym, Rite Aid, Far East Taco Grille, Chinese Dragon and Loch Lomond Bakery All Hit With Health Code Violations

10:20 PM, May 23, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -  In Fairfax Station, Virginia, health inspectors shut down the Smoothie Bar at Gold's Gym on Ox Road.  Officials cited the gym because it had no one trained in food safety and it didn't track employee diseases that could be transmitted through food.

Inspectors also cited the Rite Aid on Washington Boulevard in Arlington because none of its workers were certified in food safety.

Loch Lomond Bakery and Catering on University Bouldevard in Hyattsville, Maryland was shut down because health inspectors found a mouse infestation and repeated health violations.  The exterminator was on the premises when WUSA9's investigative reporter, Russ Ptacek, arrived however the bakery remains closed.

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A complaint brought Prince George's County Health Department inspectors to the Hyattsville McDonald's on Annapolis Road. They cited waste water on the kitchen floor leaking from a grease trap.  In a statement, McDonald's said  it is committed to operating its restaurants in compliance and its re-inspecting  equipment to ensure that it is properly functioning.

On Chillum Place in Northwest DC, inspectors closed Far East Taco Grille which is better known for stocking food trucks.  Inspectors cited the place with ten violations.  Among them food stored at the wrong temperature that could make you sick, and no hot water that reached the required 110-degree minimum.

When WUSA9's Russ Ptacek checked the water temperature at Far East Taco Grille, the thermometer read less than eighty degrees. The manager insisted the hot water heater just needed a little time to catch up from all the dish washing done before WUSA9's cameras showed up.

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Based on what WUSA9 found, DC officials did a follow up inspection and found Far East Taco Grille's water at the proper one hundred ten degrees.

At the Chinese Dragon Carryout on Rhode Island Avenue, NW,  DC inspectors hit the place with 16 violations including food at potentially dangerous temperatures and rat droppings described as fresh.

Since WUSA9 visited, all the businesses passed re-inspection and are back in business except for Loch Lomond Bakery.

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