Young Dancers Support Boston Bombing Victims

6:31 PM, May 5, 2013   |    comments
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SILVER SPRING, Md. (WUSA9) -- Dancers came out to help a little girl who lost her brother and her leg in the Boston Bombings.

The 'Dance Out for Jane' has become a national phenomenon after people learned the 7-year old girl was an avid Irish Dancer.

Fundraising events are happening at Irish pubs across the DC region on Sunday to help the family financially.

Carol Walsh, "these Irish dancers, it gets in their blood. It goes through their feet they can't walk down the street without skipping and spinning, it's part of their personality."
To see a dancer who lost that ability to dance to have a chance to support that child is so important to them."

At the Mcginty's Public House in downtown Silver Spring, a gesture of good after the dark and tragic day at the Boston Marathon.

7-year-old Jane Richard, was at the finish line cheering her father on. She was with her-8-year old brother, Martin, and her mother, when bombs exploded.

Jane lost her brother. Her mother suffered brain injuries.

America would quickly see the picture of Jane's brother carrying that poignant sign that read 'no more hurting people' peace.

We would also learn that Jane, who lost her leg in the blast, loves to dance. She's part of the Clifden Academy of Irish Dance in Boston.

Todd Willens, Parent, "my little one is 8, you put yourself in that family spot. Sympathy goes out to them and hopefully she'll be back dancing with the medical marvels and dancing really soon."

"Ever since the Boston bombings, people have been asking how they can help the Richard Family. And like a well choreographed step, the Irish dance community has held 'dance out for Jane' events throughout the country."

Walsh, "It's the community coming together to support the family, a chance to come together for good. It feels right."

Young dancers in our area have stepped out in select Irish pubs from Baltimore to Northern Virginia on Sunday, where 100% of the donations and part of the restaurant sales will go directly to the Richard Family.

There are also several affiliated Dance Out for Jane DC performances at which donations will be collected:

Looney's "Jigging for Jane" Happy Hour (College Park, MD) - 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesday, April 30, hosted by the Irish dancers at the University of Maryland Great Falls Day presented by the Great Falls Historical Society (Great Falls, VA) - 3 p.m. performance by the Culkin School's adult Irish dancers

Funds raised by Dance Out For Jane DC will be donated to the Richard Family Fund, established by friends and family to help the Richards through this devastating time. Cash and checks will be collected at participating dance schools prior to the event and at the dance out locations. Checks should be made payable to the Richard Family Fund. Donations can be made at any time online at:

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