Last Minute Grocery Shopping For Christmas

6:57 PM, Dec 24, 2012   |    comments
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BETHESDA, Md. (WUSA) -- There was a mad rush Sunday to get those last minute gifts but another place that's been hectic is at the grocery store.

Folks are not only interested in gathering around the Christmas tree for presents but around the dinner table for the holiday feast.

There's a lot to do before Christmas.

And many to cook for.

Barbara Bollman is cooking for the whole family. " I'm beginning to panic a little bit. But I'm okay as long as the Redskins win today we're good. We're Greek and we're preparing a rack of lamb and spanikopita, and a tenderloin."

Sue Hendrickson says, "We're preparing ham, mashed potatoes, a traditional Christmas dinner and gravy."
Shoppers are hunting for the perfect ham at a Bethesda Giant.
Roland Hendrickson is a man who's been cutting meat for 3 decades. He knows what he's looking for.
"not too much water added is a nice ham. Spiral sliced saves a lot of work."

It's not all about the ham this year.

Employees helped stock the turkey bins periodically.

Deborah Duffy is cooking for several vegetarians, "I'm looking for a turkey substitute. A tofurky?

The name of the game for some: divide and conquer.

Duffy, "My husband is doing the cooking. I'm doing the shopping. We've split the chores."
Bollman is confident. "It'll work. Dinner's going to be great, lots of food as you can see here."

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