Not Guilty Verdict in case of Alexis Simpson, accused killer of roommate Dominique Frazier, shocked campus of Bowie State University, Bowe, Md.

11:16 PM, Nov 16, 2012   |    comments
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BOWIE, Md. (WUSA) - 911 tapes have been released from the night Alexis Simpson allegedly killed her roommate Dominique Frazier.

The tapes were not played in court at the trial that ended on Thursday with a not guilty verdict for Simpson.

Less than 24 hours after a not guilty verdict shocked the Bowie State University community, people are still talking about this case.

The murder trial of Alexis Simpson, accused of killing her roommate Dominique Frazier, was closely followed on social media.
Andrea McCarren was at the Prince George's County Courthouse Thursday night when the verdict came down.

  On the Bowie State campus, there is a mix of reactions: shock, sadness and relief that this high-profile murder case appears to be over.

"All lot of students are disappointed. A lot of people are shocked. When I saw the news, I was like whoa, wow," said Deborah Binutu, a Bowie State student)

The Bowie State University campus is healing after a violent fight between roommates that ended in death and traumatized the school community.

"I think it's tragic, but at the same time, I hear she was bullied. And in a scary situation like that, you're going to try to defend yourself," said Zeni Ruffin, a Bowie State Student.

"I can't say whether I feel good or bad. But I feel sadness bc a young lady is gone and she's never coming back. And of course, both parents, I feel bad for both parents," said Bruce Wall, who is a Bowie State Parent and an alumnus.

Alexis Simpson admitted in court that she plunged a knife into the neck of her roommate, Dominique Frazier. But she testified that it was out of fear, an act of self-defense. A rare and risky defense.

"Everybody was surprised... It's all or nothing. It's a gamble for the defendant. It paid off because she said 'I did it. But I did it because my life was in danger. I did it in self-defense,' " said legal analyst Jim Shalleck.

Bowie State administrators were among those disturbed by testimony that both young women kept knives in their dorm rooms. "It is definitely a violation of university policy to have weapons of any kind in the rooms. So the fact that they were there is certainly a disciplinary matter that would be dealt with had it been known," said Cassandra Robinson of Bowie State University.

Still unanswered is whether the family of murder victim Dominique Frazier will file a civil suit against the university or Alexis Simpson. Bowie State says it has not been served with any papers.

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