Yoga And Pole Dancing: Olympic Sports Or Not?

8:02 PM, Aug 9, 2012   |    comments
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FALLS CHURCH, Va.  (WUSA) - If you scoff at the notion that Yoga might become an Olympic sport, consider this, it may be more physically challenging than some sports already in the Olympics... like table tennis or race walking.

Ha Nguyen, a Yoga Instructor at Dancing Mind Yoga in Falls Church is accepting of race walking, "They get really into it and there was form, and stuff, so I think its really cool. I'll try it out."

But some question why rhythmic gymnastics or synchronized swimming are Olympic sports. And how about shooting?

Ha Nguyen: "I don't know about shooting. I'm not a big fan of guns. But, you know, they could be my body guard anytime."

Pole dancers may need body guards after their routines... but is it a sport worthy of a formal competition at the highest level?

Zach Street, another instructor at Dancing Mind Yoga answered, "Is dancing an Olympic sport? I don't think so. Its more of art form, right? An entertainment form...right?"

The International Pole Sports Federation and USA Yoga...are both working toward getting in the official games.

Paula Baake, owner of Dancing Mind Yoga would love to see her passion brought to the world's stage. "Let's bring it on. If it means more people understanding about Yoga and getting to see how beautiful a practice is, why not?"

If Yoga becomes an Olympic sport, it would mean yogis competing against one another and that's not what Yoga is all about ... or is it?

"With Yoga, the mind-body-spirit connection is within. So, to have Yoga as an Olympic sport, it'd be great to have coverage, but I don't believe that is the true teaching of Yoga,' said Nguyen.

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