Newborn Addra Gazelle named Sparrow now on exhibit at Baltimore, Md. Zoo

8:17 PM, Jul 18, 2012   |    comments
(Courtesy: Maryland Zoo)
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BALTIMORE (AP) - A female addra gazelle calf born at the Maryland Zoo is now on exhibit with the herd.

The calf, named Sparrow, was born June 9. Her mother, Pearl, has taken interest in the calf, after showing no interest in two previous calves.

The addra gazelle, also known as the dama gazelle, is the largest and tallest of all gazelles. They can reach a running speed of approximately 45 mph.

Addra gazelle are critically endangered. Poaching and overhunting, for horns and meat, have driven the species nearly to extinction in the wild.

The Maryland Zoo's herd is now made up of six animals.

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