Winning Ticket Bought With Dollar Found on Floor, Claims Mirlande Wilson, Haitian Immigrant, of Baltimore, Md.

4:45 PM, Apr 5, 2012   |    comments
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BALTIMORE, Md. (WUSA)  In a continuing series of frustrating interviews with reporters, a Baltimore woman who claims she is the winner of Maryland's share of the Mega Millions lottery has refused to show the elusive winning ticket and gives inconsistent answers about where the ticket is.

At times Mirlande Wilson says she has the ticket hidden for safekeeping, and at other times she suggests she doesn't know where the ticket is.

"I have the ticket myself," she said in one interview inside her home.  But moments later she claims she cannot remember if the ticket has all the winning numbers.

Meanwhile, co-workers at the McDonalds restaurant in Milford Mill, Md. remain in financial limbo,  because they say they were in a lottery pool with Wilson. 

Wilson says the winning ticket she claims to have, was not purchased as part of the pool.

Meanwhile, Baltimore lawyer Eddie Smith says he has been contacted by Wilson and expects to meet with her at noon Wednesday.  Smith says he has not seen the ticket, and cannot confirm Wilson's claim about being a winner.

Wilson, a Haitian immigrant with 7 children, says the winning ticket was purchased with a dollar found on the floor Friday at the McDonald's where she works.  

However, when pressed she says she's unclear about the winning numbers and says a co-worker bought the ticket for her.

"I'm so scared. I'm in shock. I don't know what's going on," she said in her modest Baltimore home Monday night.

Meanwhile, co-workers at the McDonald's told the New York Post that Wilson participated in a lottery pool, and they may be winners too.  

Wilson says her ticket is hers alone, purchased for her by a friend on a separate trip to the 7-11 where the ticket was sold.  She claims the purchase was made after tickets were bought for the McDonalds pool in a different transaction.

Wilson produced what she says are photocopies of the pool tickets to back up her claim.  None of the copied tickets are winners.

Representatives for the McDonald's franchise owner refused to allow reporters to speak with employees at the restaurant.  The owner issued a written statement cautioning that "this information has not been confirmed and is purely speculation at this time."

Maryland Lottery Officials are watching from the sidelines saying they can confirm nothing until the holder of the ticket presents it to the lottery to make a claim.

"We get claims all the time of somebody who's won," said spokesperson Carole Everette. "It doesn't matter until they come in show proof, show that ticket, and that ticket has to be the real deal."

If Wilson is a winner, her share of the record setting jackpot will be $218.6 million.   Two other winners from Kansas and Illinois have not yet come forward.

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