Anti-War Protest On Iraq War Anniversary

9:56 PM, Mar 21, 2010   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) --  This weekend marked the 7th anniversary of the Iraq war, thousands gathered on Saturday near the White House to spread their anti-war message. 

Some stood out more than others in the crowd of protestors.

Dana Balicki, of Codepink, says, "Pink is a woman's call for peace."  She says they're playing off the red terror alert level.

Balicki and her group dressed in pink and wore wigs of the same color. "We'd rather have money funding communities than war.  At home we don't have jobs and our education system is broken.

Protestors called for renewed efforts on domestic issues.  Some carrying signs saying 'Healthcare not warfare.'

A mile and a half away on Capitol Hill, House Democrats are expected to vote Sunday on a massive healthcare bill to help Americans. President Obama spent Saturday trying to rally his troops to support his healthcare reform.

One protestor says, "It's a good start, I'll take what I can get for the moment."

Another protestor says, "There's much more that can be done than what they're talking about today."

The large protest that started in Lafayette Park at the White House brought many different anti-war groups together. Each was protesting for its own reasons, and some more personal than others. 

Olivia Segura lost her daughter in the Iraq war in 2007. She says, "We thought she was going to come back. She never came back." 

Since Segura's daughter was killed in action, her family has fallen apart. They are not able to hold jobs. Segura is on the verge of losing her home and her husband.  She says her husband started drinking heavily after their daughter's death and was arrested on DUI charges.  Segura says he could be deported to Mexico soon.

Segura says, "We blamed each other for her death. I lost my daughter. I don't want to lose my husband."

Elaine Brower's son is alive but could be sent overseas again. 

"He's come back from his 3rd tour. Three tours is inhumane. One more...I think they just want to send him back so they get killed," Brower says. "After 9 years of this, I want it to end for all mothers, wives, fathers. We've had enough. Military families and veterans are the front lines of this war on terror. They need to realize what they are putting us through time and time again."

Other anti-war activities are scheduled throughout Saturday afternoon and evening.

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