Metro Considers Service Cuts, Fare Increase

5:51 PM, Dec 3, 2009   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- It could cost Metro riders more to ride next summer. The board is discussing possible fare hikes and service cuts to make up for a massive budget shortfall.

They need to fill a $175 million budget gap in Fiscal Year 2011.

The board is considering cutting services, like running fewer buses and trains on holidays, closing some rail station entrances when there's less traffic, and eliminating buses in areas that have local bus service.

If fares are raised, it will not happen until this summer.

"Were at the very beginning of what is going to be a seven month- eight month process, and these things are all subject to change," said Board Chairman Jim Graham.

According to Metro, one of the reasons that ridership is low is because of high unemployment. The cost of labor, pensions and health care has increased it's costs helping cause the extra shortfall in the budget.

Written by Lindsey Mastis

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