Sniper, John Allen Muhammad, Executed In Virginia

2:16 AM, Nov 11, 2009   |    comments
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JARRATT, Va. (WUSA/AP) -- The Beltway Sniper is dead.

Virginia executed John Allen Muhammad with a lethal cocktail of drugs at the Greensville Correctional Center south of Richmond.

Perhaps the 48 year old will haunt our nightmares no longer.

A light rain started to fall at the appointed hour. And witnesses say all they saw was a slight twitch as the drugs began to flow into the killer's body. 


A prison spokesman announced the end of the man who with his teenage partner may have killed 16 innocent people during a cross country rampage.

The departing hearse marked one of the final chapters in three weeks of terror that had so man of us afraid to go shopping, fill up with gas, or take our children to school.

He was executed officially for the murder of Dean Meyers in Manassas. "He was afforded every opportunity" to appeal," said Paul Ebert, the prosecutor who sent Muhammad to death row and came to Greensville Correctional Center to watch him die. "He gave his victims no opportunity."

Muhammad spent his final hours visiting with his son and his lawyers. His appeals attorney Jon Sheldon started to cry as he talked to reporters about the "dignity and grace" with which his children are dealing with his execution.

Outside the gates, the mother of Muhammad's final victim sat with her surviving family.

"It's been a long time coming. I'm happy," said Sonia Hollingsworth Wills. Her son was the bus driver, Conrad Johnson.

There were also a handful of death penalty opponents, like Darick Lane, who brought his 11 year old son.

"The Bible says 'vengeance is mine,' and we believe that applies to everyone," said Lane.

Witnesses say Muhammad came in with guards at his side, staggering slightly. He watched as they prepared to insert the intravenous lines.

The warden gave him a chance to deliver a final statement.
He said nothing, not even acknowledging the warden was talking to him. 

Written by Bruce Leshan

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