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Some streets starting to improve in DC but watch out for freezing

10:26 AM, Dec 10, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Snow was falling in Northwest D.C. and WUSA 9 meteorologist said that some melting was happening before the snow reached the ground. "You can see how some of the little grains of snow, instead of flakes of snow, are stuck together. And when snow fall looks more like granules and less like flakes, that's usually an indication it melted partially while falling and refroze," said Grow on Tuesday morning.

Temperatures are above freezing but it's cold enough for snow to fall.

Tenleytown is usually a very busy place this time of day but there haven't been much foot or road traffic Tuesday morning. The only real traffic appears to be people going to and from the shops that are located up in the northern part of Northwest D.C.

Drivers are pretty much moving at normal speed because the roads are just wet, not white. But earlier Tuesday morning when the onset of the snowfall happened, some of that snow was sticking to the roadways, especially some of the side streets. Even the side streets are starting to look better. So already starting to see some improving conditions out here.

The major concern heading forward is going to be the refreezing. Any of the slushiness on the sidewalks right now will freeze solid with temperatures dipping into the teens. We'll have plenty of ice Wednesday morning if the salt isn't put down and if people don't shovel so watch out for that tomorrow morning when you're heading back to work and back to school.

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