Airports recovering after delays, cancellations

7:57 AM, Dec 9, 2013   |    comments
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DULLES INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (WUSA9) -- With the snow and the freezing ice we received overnight, we had delays and cancelled flights at our area airports. Chris from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority.

Chris Paolino told us that the runways are improving both at Reagan and Dulles airports. "We've had crews out overnight treating the runways getting the snow removed, but we are seeing a significant number of delays and cancellations, even through this morning as the airlines start to dig out from the storm."

He confirmed there were problems even before our storm came from other carriers that were delayed because of the weather out west that moved this way.

He said, "That's the sort of nature of our interconnected air travel system. As the storm moved across the country, we saw delays to and from the airports that it was hitting. Now, in fact, many of the delays we're seeing are to the northeast where the airports are still digging out as well." 

Paolino continued, "It's going to be some time for passengers who were either delayed or canceled yesterday and are being rebooked into today or even for passengers who are scheduled for today. Some of the planes need to be moved around the country to get flights where they need to be, but also within the airport. It's going to be a heavier than usual travel day because of those delays ... we urge passengers check with your airline in advance and make sure you get the most up to date information about your flights and give yourself extra time both getting to the airports because of the treacherous conditions potentially on the roads but also because we'll see an additional flow through the airport. Give yourself extra time and make sure you have the most up to date information." 

Paolino also talked about preparations for tomorrow: "We're going to dig out from this one and then we'll be prepared as much as we can for anything that might move through tomorrow but obviously, as weather starts to back up, we get one system after the other, that has ripple effects and additional delays potential."

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