Shutdown: Lawmaker statements on government shutdown

5:25 AM, Oct 1, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Following the first government shutdown in 17 years, several lawmakers, political candidates and groups released written statements. Below are a few of the statements:

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley:

"The federal government shutdown that Congressional Republicans forced upon us will needlessly hurt hardworking Maryland moms and dads who are federal employees; harm small and large businesses across Maryland -- including health, aerospace, and defense companies; and threaten our State's budget in a time of economic recovery."

"In this year's Maryland budget, we worked with the General Assembly to set aside funds to lessen the impact of sequestration -- another needless blow struck by Congress. We have flexibility on how to use these funds, and we're actively assessing all of our options so that we can minimize the harmful effects of prolonged Congressional recklessness on Maryland families and businesses."

Md. Lt. Governor Anthony Brown:

"I'm deeply disappointed that Washington Republicans have once again put their partisan ideology above the interests of the American people. There is no question that this government shutdown will hurt thousands of hardworking Marylanders who simply want to continue doing their jobs. I strongly urge Speaker Boehner to do the right thing by bringing a clean bill to the floor for an up or down vote so that we can end this manufactured crisis."

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-10th) delivered the following remarks on the House floor Tuesday:

"Mr. Speaker, I'm calling for the government to reopen. I'm calling for leadership on both sides to resolve these issues. The FBI is being impacted. The CIA is being impacted. The National Terrorism Center, which is looking at leads that maybe coming to keep this nation safe, is being impacted. NIH and cancer research and Alzheimer's research is being impacted. People and families are being impacted. This is bad for America. It is bad for America Enough is enough. It's time to be leaders. It's time to govern. Open up the government."

Congresswoman Donna F. Edwards (MD-4):

"I am outraged and saddened by the events that have unfolded in the House of Representatives. Three times, House Republicans have had the opportunity to take up a bill to fund our government, and three times they have insisted on attaching proposals to shut down the government. Tonight, they got their wish.

"Instead of keeping 124,000 Maryland federal employees on the job, Republicans want to put insurance companies back in charge of Americans' healthcare. Instead of making sure that 443,076 Maryland veterans receive their benefits, Republicans are bowing to the demands of the extreme Tea Party wing of their party.

"The impact of a government shutdown to families in Maryland's 4th Congressional District and the economy in our region cannot be overstated. The time for political games and fiscal brinksmanship is long over. I will continue to fight to make sure House Republicans take up and pass a clean budget bill that funds our government."

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (VA):

"The House of Representatives has shut down the government of the United States by rejecting an interim spending measure passed by the Senate, even though that bill accepted the House's own spending target through November 15. This action hurts the American economy and millions of Americans. The House should reconsider its action and re-open government immediately."

Congressman John K. Delaney (MD-6):

"Tonight's failure to reach a compromise is bad news for the country, bad news for Maryland, and bad news for the people I am proud to represent. In the fullness of time this unfortunate standoff will be seen as one of the low points in a long period of dysfunction. Each day that we're shut down valuable services will be delayed and denied to my constituents and hard-working civil servants will be furloughed.

"The American people deserve better than this. The time to appoint a budget conference was months ago. I passionately believe we need to debate our fiscal trajectory, but that has never even been discussed throughout this entire manufactured shutdown crisis. The House and Senate agree on the numbers. But unfortunately a budget debate has been dragged down by an ideological standoff.

"We have to come together, find a real compromise, and truly represent our constituents in a manner that reflects their dignity, intelligence, and belief in the common good. Extremists in Congress have fallen short of that standard this week."

Congressman Steny H. Hoyer (MD-5):

"I'm deeply disappointed that Congress failed to reach a responsible agreement to fund the government and a prevent a shutdown. The Senate has passed a compromise funding measure, without partisan amendments, three times. Yet, House Republicans refuse to bring it to the Floor for a vote and have instead wasted time pursuing a partisan strategy to undermine the Affordable Care Act. As a result, over 800,000 hardworking federal employees, including 62,000 men and women in my district, are facing furloughs, and Americans will see many important services significantly curtailed or interrupted. This shutdown is harmful to our economy, our national security, and Fifth District businesses and working families. The American people deserve better, and, for their sake, I urge the House Republican leadership to end its shutdown by bringing a clean government funding measure to the Floor for a vote. Congress must work toward an agreement to end the shutdown and operate in a responsible way."


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