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4:22 PM, Sep 10, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA 9 Call for Action)--The caller stated I was to be issued a new social security card and that he needed to confirm my identity.  I had not asked for a new card and told him that.  He responded this action was due to the new health care law and to protect my rights I needed to confirm my identity.  He asked me to verify my address and phone number, which was easy since he already had that information. 

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But then he said, in a very heavy accent, with lots of voices in the background, he needed further verification that I was Shirley Rooker.  He wanted my social security number.  At that point I asked for his name which he would not give but just repeated that I needed to confirm my social security information. 

Of course, I knew something was wrong!!  I asked for a phone number so I could call him back to verify it was an official call.  He just repeated the need for verification.  I repeated my request, told him I thought he was a crook and he hung up. 

The caller was in a boiler room - that is a room where lots of people are calling consumers, trying to get personal information.  In this case, it is quite likely the call was from outside the United States and that I would have had my identity stolen if I had provided the information.

Do not be lured into giving out personal information over the phone when you receive a call from a stranger.  No matter how convincing the story, ask for a call back number and verify the number.  When I tried calling the number that was reflected on my caller ID I got a message saying it was not a working number.  The number had been spoofed, that is faked. 

Written By: Shirley Rooker, Director, WUSA 9 Call For Action

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