Let's Be Real: The Olympics in DC

10:23 PM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- While some local boosters are all fired up to compete for the Olympic games against those other towns, Derek is already on the record saying take the Olympics...please! 

It was almost exactly one year ago, when I sat right here in our studio and explained just why the Olympics are like a whole lot of things in life, much better when viewed from afar. 

But our optimistic friends over at DC 2024 paid me no mind and cheerleader-n-chief Bob Sweeney was practically giddy today as to all the possibilities of the Olympics coming to town.  

So tonight, I'm asking myself, did I speak too soon?  

I mean sure, our traffic is the worst in the country but that's going to be better in 2024, right? And the metro system is looking pretty creaky right now but surely they'll have caught up on the maintenance by then. And they tell us, London made a long term profit, so it doesn't matter that  the 2012 games cost 14 billion dollars, about three times the original estimate. 

No, none of that really matters because tonight I've concluded the Olympics are a bit like a fancy sports car; there's no rational reason to have one, in fact there are plenty of reasons not to unless of course  you just really really want one. 

So then tonight, the big question for Washingtonians is: Do ya?

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