Frager's Hardware Opens Temporary Location After Fire

3:41 PM, Jun 8, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Employees at Frager's Hardware returned to their beloved store Saturday morning. It's the first time they've been able to gain access to the garden store since a fire destroyed the landmark business Wednesday night. 

Fire destroyed all three buildings but the cause of the fire is still unknown. Saturday mornings would've been a busy time for Frager's and today customers didn't fail to show up.

They came to support the employees. Little Joanne Koladziejczyk and her mom brought cupcakes.

"I like to share, I thought if we share that would make them happy," said Joanne.

Her mother, Susan Kolodziejcyzyk said, "we're not part of the neighborhood but Frager's is part of DC. They let [my daughter] water the plants. We just came to support them while they rebuild."

Kristin Sampson, Asst. Mgr. Garden Center, "everyone is clambering to support us and we feel the love, we feel the hugs, the well wishes."

It's the first time Will Sheiman got to peer through the doorway and into the destruction.

"I can't even describe it."

If you needed something, Will was your man.

"I know how everything was set up. I know where everything was at. I would lead customers from one end of the store to another, upstairs, downstairs."

He could tell you where to find just about anything. Say you needed a bathtub washer.

"It would be at the end of aisle 3, stomach high in a pull out bench."

Frager's is packing up and moving out so they can try to keep business going while they rebuild.

Everything that survived the fire will be brought to Eastern Market, right across the way in a temporary plot, the market used when it burned down in '06.

Customers are going to be with them through the long road to rebuilding.

They were even waiting in line Saturday morning hoping to buy something. Frager's had hoped to open its "pop up shop," but customers will have to wait until Sunday.

Will Sheiman knows it won't be the same for awhile, but it won't be forever.

"We'll be back, we will be back. This is not a good bye just see you later."

Mayor Vincent Gray will hold a ribbon cutting Sunday at noon at the temporary Frager's location at Eastern Market.

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