Peyton Siva To The Wizards? The Fit Could Be A Good One

5:53 PM, Jun 5, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Many positions have been chaotic for the Washington Wizards since the arrival of John Wall in 2010. The forward position is at the top of the list and will likely be addressed by either Anthony Bennett or Otto Porter later this month.

But not far behind forward is the backup point guard spot.

Gilbert Arenas, Kirk Hinrich, Shelvin Mack, AJ Price, Jordan Crawford and Shaun Livingston have all played musical chairs behind John Wall for the past three seasons. And not the fun kind of musical chairs kindergartners play. This kind has been infuriating to watch and needs to be corrected sooner rather than later.

I hate to bring RGIII into this article, but look at the Redskins. They made the correct pick at backup quarterback -- Kirk Cousins -- and it saved their season in December. 

"They really like my game," Siva told reporters about conversations he's had Wizards team president Ernie Grunfeld and head coach Randy Wittman. "I'm able to defend, run the pick and roll -- they said that was one of my strong points."

AJ Price is not good enough for the long term future of the Wizards. Siva, an national title winner and gunner from Louisville could become that permanent guy. Add in the fact that he's as fiery as they come, can knockdown clutch shots plus, he's already friends with John Wall -- we may have a match made in heaven here. 

"I actually talked to John when I got out here, he said he's back in L.A. but I was able to talk to him. Me and him have been good friends since we've been in high school."

Siva has never been a statistics kind of guy, and won't be in the NBA. He's got a likable personality, has a strong belief in the Christian faith (like Bradley Beal and Nene) and has been tutored for four years by Hall of Famer Rick Pitino -- who had some candid advice.

"He told me to go in there and continue to play the way I play...and to continue to be myself," said Siva, which speaks volumes. 

Siva's been told he couldn't make it his entire life. He will land on his feet on some NBA team and contribute immediately. There's been plenty of rumors having the Wizards trading both of their second round picks for a veteran player, something that may not be needed. Here's to hoping Grunfeld and Wittman give the Seattle native some serious consideration. 

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