Let's Be Real: An Armed March On Washington Could End Badly

10:27 PM, May 8, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- As you may have heard by now...an Iraq war veteran and libertarian activist  named Adam Kokesh is urging his fellow Americans to sign up for a July 4th protest march on Washington.  

He wants the marchers to carry loaded rifles on their backs. Kokesh insists his intentions are peaceful. 

But you know what they say about good intentions..

Now, Kokesh told me this march is all about peaceful civil disobedience. He wants loyal Americans to stand up to a government that many are now fearful of.  But fearful of what exactly?  

Gun control? 

We couldn't even pass universal background checks. Big government encroaching on our freedom? Fair enough, but why the loaded guns? 

Kokesh says he wants to protest against government tyranny and in our conversation he kept calling our elected leaders criminals for as near as I can gather, for passing laws he thinks are unconstitutional. 

A little harsh but I get it.  

You're  angry -- and you sure America is on the wrong track and you want thousands of armed protesters to converging on the nations capitol on independence Day to  make a statement. 

Here's the problem: Mr. Kokesh, the chief of police says her officers will meet you at the city limits if you try to come in with loaded guns because that's against the law.   

Not to own a gun or defend yourself but to transport a loaded gun across state lines. And that makes for some sort of confrontation and maybe it would be peaceful but all it takes is one fool to just point a loaded weapon at a cop and we could be looking at kind of explosive situation nobody wants.  

Or at least I'm hoping nobody wants that.

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