Honoring Those Who Find The Missing

4:32 PM, May 8, 2013   |    comments
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CAPITOL  HILL (WUSA9) -- The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children recognized law enforcement from five states for finding children and returning them to loved ones.

But the event had a lot of people questioning whether more could have been done to find  the Ohio women sooner. 

John Walsh, America's Most Wanted, "To get them back alive is fantastic, now we have to ask the questions 'why.' 

As in why weren't they discovered earlier to escape what John Walsh calls the house of hell.

He profiled 2 of the 3 women on his show America's Most Wanted multiple times.  He says too often people assume teens or people older go missing because they're runaways. 

"The other lady there, no body was looking for. She went missing when she was 20 and the attitude has got to change."

Walsh says the FBI and Fairfax County Police are being honored Wednesday for not ignoring when teens started to go missing in Northern Virginia.

Turns out they uncovered a gang controlled sex trafficking ring. 

Fairfax County Police Detective Bill Woolf helped break up the largest juvenile human trafficking ring in Northern Virginia history.

Bill Woolf, "We saved well over 30 young women and more importantly we got the offenders off the streets and prevented them from exploiting anymore children."

Over 6 years the 'Underground Gangster Crips recruited teens, controlled them and forced them to perform disgusting acts.

Walsh, "Here we have the Bloods and Crips using Northern Virginia girls luring them in through Facebook and social media and then exploiting them. 

Reporting to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children:

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