Let's Be Real: Did Governor McDonnell Break the Law?

10:52 PM, May 1, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Yesterday it reported that the FBI is investigating Virginia governor Bob McDonnell. And, the fact that the CEO of a Virginia corporation known as Star Scientific chipped in 15 thousand dollars toward the governor's daughter's wedding. The governor says Johnny Williams was just being a good friend.

Those corny, "I'm just a regular guy" campaign ads from Bob McDonnell, so forgive me if  I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around his  explanation, that Johnny Williams is just a good family friend, who just wanted  to kick in 15 K to help foot the bill  for a daughter's wedding.

Nothing to do with McDonnell being governor of course.  Now the governor insists he broke no laws since the "gift" was for his daughter and not him.  But if we use the smell test...frankly.

This is a little rank and apparently things may be about get a lot smellier as an FBI probe digs through the tangled relationship between the Governor and Star Scientific, which reportedly goes a lot deeper than I have time to get into here. 

This week McDonell insisted, I can still govern, which if you have to say it, it might not be true. 

But Let's be Real, Governor McDonnell may be right when he argues he broke no laws. After all, Virginia's government gift laws are notoriously weak. Basically, you can give politicians anything you like and as much money as you like as long as its reported.

And while I'm sure that's all very convenient for the elected officials we may soon find out that for Virginia voters concerned about the fresh scent of good clean government...

...Not so much?

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