FAA Furloughs Kick In

10:24 PM, Apr 21, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA9) -- If it isn't already frustrating for you the Federal Aviation Administration is warning air travel is about to become a bit more of a hassle.

The sequestration cuts are forcing the FAA to furlough close to 50,000 employees. An estimated 15,000 of those are air traffic controllers.

Less air traffic controllers directing flights means more wait times on the ground and in the air for passengers flying in and out of U.S. airports.

Mark Weiss of The Spectrum group is a retired airline pilot and tells WUSA9 there are plenty of unintended consequences that will happen as a result of these mandated furloughs.

Weiss said, "Flights will get cancelled. There is going to be delays."

He added that a ripple effect will be felt across the world as a result of the U.S. air system taking a staffing hit.

He added, "People come into this country from around the globe. So you are going to see delays happening in Europe, in Asia...the public is already fed up with our government, and this only adds something onto the backs of the traveling public and we look like absolute fools internationally."

The FAA is forcing its air traffic controllers to take one day off without pay every other week. Even they have said less staff directing flights means less flights landing and taking off.

The best advice being offered to travelers in the coming days is for them to keep a close eye on their airline schedules and to plan accordingly, because delays are inevitable.

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