Let's Be Real: They're Here And Queer And It's No Big Deal

8:34 PM, Mar 26, 2013   |    comments
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(WUSA9) -- When did Americans really get used to the idea of interracial couples? 

Somewhere between that ground breaking TV kiss between Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura and modern day make out sessions between Kerry Washington's character and the make believe white guy President on ABC's Scandal, most of us decided it was really no big deal.

That's what happened with same sex marriage folks but it went down in real life. Pew Center poll numbers show most of the people who recently changed their minds about gay marriage did so because they know a gay person. 

In other words, its a lot tougher to say to a friend, someone you know is a good person that their love doesn't matter as much as yours. 

Or, that making their relationship legally permanent somehow undermines the integrity of yours. That's why even GOP conservatives like Senator Rob Portman suddenly become fans of gay marriage when its their kid that might want tie the knot. 

Heck even old Dick Cheney was all smiles when his daughter married another woman. Its called our common humanity and its why I'd argue regardless of what the high court may do, this argument has already been won. 

Because to borrow a phrase: They're here, they're queer and more and more of the rest of us have already gotten used to it.   

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