AAA Opposes O'Malley's Transportation Funding Bill For 'Major Flaws'

6:40 AM, Mar 15, 2013   |    comments
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(WUSA9) -- AAA Mid-Atlantic says Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley's transportation funding bill has "two major flaws that require AAA Mid-Atlantic to oppose it" even though the association likes that he's addressing a transportation crisis.

HB1515 is expected to raise $3.4 billion for transportation and transit projects in Maryland over a period of 5 years. 

In a press release Friday, AAA Mid-Atlantic cites the 'two flaws":

"First and foremost, virtually all of the money the Governor is proposing to raise is from more taxes on motorists. In a state spending more than twice as much on mass transit than it is on roads (48% versus 23%), requiring motorists to pay virtually all of the proposed new revenue is not something we as a motorists' organization think is fair and can support," Anderson continued.

"The second major flaw in the Governor's bill is that the TTF protections proposed to ensure that the money raised is spent only on transportation are extraordinarily weak. "That's a deal-killer for motorists, and the auto club," says Anderson. "In Maryland, where raiding the TTF for non-transportation expenditures is a state pastime, we need strong measures like the constitutional amendment proposed in SB 829 (Transportation Trust Fund - Financing -Use of Funds) sponsored by Senate President Thomas V. (Mike) Miller, Jr."

AAA says SB 830, proposed by Miller, offers a broader revenue base with local taxes dedicated to mass transit in two areas of Maryland with major mass transit systems. It favors that bill over O'Malley's proposal, saying that to support the governor's bill, it "must offer strong protections for the Trust Fund, and broaden the revenue base well beyond just motorists."

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