Topper Shutt's Blog, Superstorm 1993, March 1993 Blizzard

5:36 PM, Mar 11, 2013   |    comments
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On March ninth my second daughter was born and the Blizzard '93 was just four days away. The super storm of '93 was on the computer models for ten days straight. The position and strength wavered very little in those ten days. Model consistency over a ten day period is rare and we are talking about less refined models fifteen years ago than the ones we have now. In fact the model that tracked the storm with great accuracy does not even exist today. I couldn't work the days leading up to the storm with the new addition to the family. We had a new baby and a sick two year old. I returned to work the Monday after the Blizzard and tried to put things in perspective. The storm did not produce a great deal of snow in the immediate Metro Area mainly due to the mixing of sleet with the snow. National recorded only 6.5" while Dulles measured 11". That 6.5" was good enough to make it into the top ten March snows at number ten. I tried to explain on the air that in terms of pressure this was the strongest winter storm ever in recorded in the East. National set a new low for pressure at 28.54". The storm had a lower central pressure than hurricane Hugo ! Our weather watchers to the west that received all snow were buries under 40" ! Snow fell from Alabama to Maine. Birmingham, Alabama had 17" while Chattanooga had a record 22". Syracuse received 43". The storm caused six billion in damage.


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