Let's Be Real: We Are Weather Wimps And Loving It!

11:54 PM, Mar 4, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- It was four years ago now, that the then newly-inaugurated President Obama called us a town of weather wimps after his daughters school was shut down for a little ice out on the road. 

Remember that? And the funniest thing was that people who live here actually had the nerve to get mad about it.

"The President's not being a good neighbor," they cried. Hey, sometimes the truth hurts.

We are total wimps when it comes to snow and ice and everybody knows it. In 2011 the Old Farmers Almanac named us the number one city in the country where weather shuts down everyday life and we all know about D.C. motorists legendary driving skills when the roads get slick.

Look Washingtonians, why are you fighting it? Of course we'd be more accustomed to snow and ice if we lived in Syracuse where 100 inches of snow is average winter.

But isn't that a bit like saying we'd all be more accustomed to sore, achy feet if we just wore our shoes a bit tighter? In other words, we're weather wimps because most of the time the weather around here just isn't that bad. 

And Lets Be Real, why would anyone want it to be any different? 

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