Black Conservative Pastors Oppose Gun Control

8:45 AM, Feb 26, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON (AP) - A group of conservative black pastors are declaring their opposition to gun control.

As Congress prepares legislation that could ban some firearms and expand background checks, the pastors from around the U.S. held a news conference Friday at the National Press Club in Washington.

Seattle-area pastor Ken Hutcherson wondered how many children would have to die before people realized that "a bad man with a gun can only be stopped by a good man with a gun." He said the Newtown school massacre has received far more attention than the daily death toll in America's black communities.

Washington D.C. pastor Kenneth Blanchard said God expects people to protect their loved ones, with deadly force if necessary.

The Rev. Bruce Rivers of Santa Cruz, Calif., said gun control laws wouldn't have stopped the gang that shot his son to death. He said when the first murderer Cain killed his brother Abel, God dealt with the criminal, not the weapon.

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