Officers Train In Md. For Active Shooting Situations, Like Big Bear, Calif.

8:29 PM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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TEMPLE HILLS, Md. (WUSA) -- Prince George's County Police is hosting a three-day 'active shooter' course.

It's a timely hands-on training preparing for situations such as the ex-LAPD cop Christopher Dorner at Big Bear Lake, in California. 

Officers from across Prince George's County, Montgomery County, Charles County, State Police and military personnel are getting the know-how in overcoming a major threat.

The training is happening at Green Valley Academy in Temple Hills, Maryland.

CBS Reporter Carter Evans captured video of the intense shootout at Big Bear Lake. It shows what officers were going through, facing Dorner.

In the video, you hear gunfire and see officers moving in.

Most likely those officers went through similar training as what was going on in Wednesday's training in Prince George's County.

"We want them to have a plan. Training and preparation. That's what this is all about. When they come in, they identify the threat. There is no hesitation, no panic or fear. They should be confident in their skills," Sgt. Bill Gleason said, the officer in charge of specialized training with Prince George's County Police.

There is critical sharing of information and training from different police departments, U.S. Park Police and Military Special forces.

At Big Bear Lake, a sheriff's deputy was killed. Dorner had extensive tactical training.

Officers don't always know what they're up against, in some cases, shooters have had on body armor.

"Our department has been supportive in providing the right equipment. Some agencies have ballistic shields," Sgt. Gleason said.

Plan, prepare and having the right mindset is hopefully putting them one step ahead.

Officers in today's training will return to their jurisdiction and train in their department. This is the fourth 'Active Shooter' training school the county has hosted.

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