Baltimore Ravens Play Nets 600+ Customers Free Furniture from Baltimore-Based Gardiners Furniture !

11:29 PM, Feb 4, 2013   |    comments
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BALTIMORE (WUSA) -- How does a 108-yard kick-off return for a touchdown by the Baltimore Ravens' Jacoby Jones end up netting 600-plus fans free furniture?

They're all winners in Baltimore-based Gardiners Furniture's Super Bowl contest.

Co-owner Gary Mullaney explains, "The deal was you had to come in Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday and we cut it off at three o'clock."  

For the past 3 years, the 72-year-old family-owned chain has been running a promotion: If the Ravens run back either the opening kick-off or the second half kick-off for a touchdown, all qualifying purchases for that timeframe are free. It's not just the Ravens who are big winners, 624 customers are now too.

Mullaney says he was surprised as anyone, "Nobody ever expects to win the lottery, you buy the tickets, and I don't think anybody, including myself, expected Jacoby Jones to run back the kickoff. And not only that, the Ravens won the game too, which was the icing on the cake."

You might wonder, why is Mullaney so pleased to give away more than $600,000 worth of furniture?

That's because the furniture store doesn't have to foot the bill. They took out insurance. Mullaney estimates the premium cost between eight to 10, 000 dollars.

That's not a bad investment for some good will, happy customers, and free publicity, as the story has been picked up on TV stations throughout the country and, of course, is all over the internet.

Mullaney says, "They're going to tell stories to all their friends that that was a great experience. it's been a win for us and a win for our customers."

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