Commuters Facing Headaches after Laurel Flood Warning Lifted in Maryland

11:51 PM, Jan 31, 2013   |    comments
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LAUREL, Md. (WUSA) -- Thousands of people and businesses in Laurel have been watching, waiting and worrying about flooding ever since Wednesday night's heavy rain, and Thursday's flooding that took a homeless person's life.

That worrying includes commuters who parked their cars in the commuter lot by the Laurel MARC station.

Commuter Schuyler Eldridge of Laurel escaped the problem, "I signed up for the MARC alerts and they told us last night actually not to park there."

But Maria Caridi got a phone call at work from her husband hours after parking at the lot she parks at every day, "My husband was picking up the kids and when he drove that way and saw everything was shut down, he saw our car on the back of a truck going a different direction than it should be."

The area had been under a Flood Warning for most of Thursday. Take a half foot of rain, add it to a swollen Patuxent River, and you get flooding along a waterway where thousands of people live and breathe alongside. Sky 9 captured video of rescuers taking the lifeless body of a homeless woman out of a flooded homeless camp.

Later, the city opened up two dams, Brighton and Duckett, to relieve pressure. People in Laurel's flood zone were asked to evacuate. A shelter was opened. Roads were closed. Cars were towed out of the city's commuter lot. Then, the water receded, and the flood warning expired around 9:30pm. Some roads were still closed and water receded in the commuter parking lot, but Caridi
still had one thing to deal with. "I think i have to go to the police station tomorrow and give them money and pick up my car."

Caridi's neighbor came to pick her up. She says she'll deal with it tomorrow. We checked in with Pete Piringer, Public Information Officer for the City of Laurel. He says unless you received a ticket, you won't have to pay a fine, nd that anyone who is looking for their car should go to the lot at 350 Municipal Square.

Eldridge has advice for Caridi and anyone who commutes, "You should sign up for all the alerts that are available then you would know."

Good advice.

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