Topper's Blog: Snowless Januarys

11:11 PM, Jan 31, 2013   |    comments
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Nearly Snowless January

Our records go back 125 years and in that span we have had less than an inch of snow in January twenty six times. Since the winter of 1887 - 1888 of those twenty six Januarys, with less than an inch of snow, we received over five inches of snow ten of the following Februarys. Both statistics are rather bleak if you are a snow lover. However, if we look at some of those Februarys in detail some hope is still alive for the snowbirds.

In the winter of 1933 - 1934 we recorded a trace of snow Downtown but then received a bit over eighteen inches (18.1") in February followed by another nine (9.1") in March. In the winter of 1957 - 1958 after only three tenths of an inch in January National recorded over seventeen (17.2") in February and then another ten inches (10.6") in March.

In the winter of 1982 - 1983 we again only had a trace of snow in January followed by twenty one inches (21") in February. Over sixteen inches (16.6") fell on February 11th and 12th. That storm currently ranks seventh all time. March 1983 was a bust with no snow. In the winter of 1987 - 1988 we had a trace of snow in January but rebounded with a respectable thirteen inches (13.1") in February. Only a trace of snow fell in March of 1988. By the way that was the winter of the Veteran's Day snow in November of 1987 when over eleven inches (11.7) fell at National.


So, is there hope ? A little but I am not optimistic. We are also running out of time. We have six more weeks to get a good snow in here.

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