Couple May Lose Pet As Condition Of Adopting A Baby Cousin

12:03 AM, Jan 30, 2013   |    comments
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COLUMBIA, Md. (WUSA) -- When Rikki and Jason Daniels decided to get a one-and-a-half-year cousin out of foster care in Idaho, and adopt the boy, they found themselves making a painful choice raised by social service workers here in Maryland. It is about the pet they adopted five years ago .

"They told us that because Hazer is part pit bull that they would have to review the case and decide if we have to get rid of him if there is a placement," Rikki Daniels said.

"We had to sign an agreement stating that we will get rid of him if they decide that he can not be in the home," she said.

Adding, "I think there is so much stigma against pit bulls right now that there is a good chance they will say he can't be here."

But there are hopeful signs.

"They have come out and they've met him. Our social worker loves him and said it would be very sad if the State of Maryland says we have to get rid of him," she said. 

As she spoke to WUSA9, her 20-month-old daughter Kayleigh snuggled with Hazer on the living room floor, petting him with sometimes rough slaps that Hazer ignored as Hazer licked Jason Daniels' face unrelentingly, before climbing into his lap.

The Daniels have already reached out to a rescue group to scout for a new home for Hazer should they have to give him up. They fear that, given the stigma attached to pit bulls, he would he would eventually be put to sleep if they put him in a shelter.

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