Daniel Harmon-Wright Found Guilty Of Voluntary Manslaughter; two other counts in the death of Patricia Ann Cook in Culpeper County, Va.

4:45 PM, Jan 29, 2013   |    comments
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CULPEPER COUNTY, Va. (WUSA) - A Culpeper jury has convicted former police officer Daniel Harmon-Wright of voluntary manslaughter, and two other counts for killing an unarmed housewife last year year. He faces a maximum 25 years behind bars.

Harmon Wright was not convicted of the most serious charge of murder, which carried a maximum life sentence.

After the conviction, the former police officer was led away in handcuffs to the jail next door. He seemed to be trying to hide his face, as he bowed forward. He also shook his head from side to side, in disapproval or shock of the verdict.

A jury of eight women and four men found him guilty of voluntary manslaughter, unlawful shooting into a motor vehicle, and shooting into a motor vehicle resultinig in death.

On Feb. 9, he shot and killed Patricia Cook, a 54-year-old unarmed housewife who was trespassing, sitting in her jeep wrangler in a parking lot of a private school.

According to Harmon-Wright, Cook rolled her window up on his hands and then tried to run him over. He shot her six times, five struck her as she drove away. He claimed he shot in self defense and to protect the public. The jury didn't buy it.

On Wednesday, the jury comes back for the sentencing phase. They will hear both sides and make a recommendation, anything from zero to 25 years In prison.

Circuit Court Judge Susan Whitlock will set a sentencing day for a later date. Then, she can either agree with the jury's recommendation or reduce it.

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