Twitter Vine Loaded With Pornography

8:16 PM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Maybe we shouldn't be surprised. The newest app from mobile web monster hit Twitter is already overwhelmed with pornography.

The Vine app for iPhones and iPads lets you share little six second video clips. And you can just imagine what people are sharing.

The app itself is pretty cool. You can share little video clips: either one six second stream, or even shorter little clips edited together just by tapping to start and stop.

But no sooner had it appeared in Apple's app store, then people started posting crude pornography: pictures of and by men... pictures of women in various stages of undress. All quickly found by searching porn, or sex, or something even more explicit.

Twitter insists it was human error that made one of these Not Safe For Work videos the Editor's Choice for the start of your work week.

Each video has a 'report as inappropriate" button beneath it... and enough reports will leave the video hidden behind a black screen of warning.

But warnings are missing from some, and several disgusted users promised to delete Vine. One blamed a Vine video for getting her suspended from school.

So is Twitter embarrassed by this? Hard to know.
It's apologizing for making a porn video it's Editor's Choice this morning... and encouraging people to flag inappropriate content.

But Twitter generally opposes censorship -- witness it's use in the Arab Spring -- so it's in a strange position here.

But it could face pressure from Apple. Apple hates porn.
It's banned apps with adult content. But we've yet to hear back from Apple about whether it objects to Vine.

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