Metro Jammed After Inauguration Ceremony

10:05 PM, Jan 21, 2013   |    comments
From @wmata on Twitter: 'A look at the steady stream of customers exiting L'Enfant for #inaug2013'
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WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Soon after the Inaugural ceremonies wrapped, the large crowds crowds of spectators started pushing their way to the metro stations.

L'Enfant Plaza was one of several stations in downtown where service slowed, even stopping temporarily Monday afternoon. Faye Belt and her family members were left waiting outside in the cold.

"It was not organized at all," she said. "It was unorganized because it was an uncontrolled crowd."

Holly Hewlett was sitting nearby, and also growing increasingly more frustrated with her delay.

"This is the third station we've walked to to see if the Metro was working," she said.

Both women attended President Obama's first Inauguration, and say the trip home was smoother then.

"The last time we came in on the Metro at 5:30 in the morning. By 11:00 we were standing at the base of the Washington monument. The inauguration happened, we walked back to the Smithsonian and they put us on the train," Hewlett said.

Camilla Springfield took advantage of the downtown, and used the opportunity to rest.

"Just have a little bite to eat, a break, rest the legs and feet. Then get up and go again, she said, hoping the wait wouldn't be too long.

"An hour and a half, well be happy with that," she laughed.

According to Metro's Inauguration Day twitter account, many stations reopened around 3:00 pm and the delayed lines returned to a mostly-regular operating schedule.

Written and Reported by Jennifer Meckles

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