Pastor Punched In Face By Burglar On Christmas

9:17 AM, Dec 27, 2012   |    comments
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COLORADO SPRINGS (KUSA) -- A burglar punched a pastor in his face on Christmas Day, after the pastor tried to stop him from stealing items from inside one of his neighbor's homes.

Pastor Jim Stevens lives two houses down from the home that was burglarized. Tuesday morning, one of his neighbors called him frantically and said someone was breaking into a nearby home.

Stevens decided to check it out. When he walked over, he noticed three burglars inside the home. One was a man, the other two were women.

He tried to stop them, but the man came running towards him, threw some items at him, then punched Stevens in the face and took off.

Stevens got back up and tackled one of the female burglars to the ground. She told him she was pregnant, but Stevens didn't buy it.

Police showed up two minutes later and arrested both women. The man is still on the loose.

Stevens says he has never been punched like that before.

"Not that I can remember," he joked. I'm pretty gentle normally".

The burglars had no idea Stevens was a pastor.
"I think probably once he realizes what he did, he would think twice about it. I know the females, once they realized I was a pastor I think it set in a bit for them too," Stevens said.

Police don't believe the burglars got away with anything.

The family who lives in the home wasn't there at the time.

Stevens said they were on vacation.

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