Angel Display for Newtown Victims at Washington National Cathedral

4:30 PM, Dec 25, 2012   |    comments
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Twenty angels at the children's chapel of the Washington National Cathedral represent the twenty children who were shot to death in Newtown, Connecticut.

WASHINGTON -- Twenty angels stand for the twenty children shot to death in Newtown, Connecticut.

A display sits in the children's chapel of the Washington National Cathedral, a gentle reminder for the youngest victims of the December shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Members of the Cathedral's volunteer Altar Guild came up with the idea.

"Something sacred in their memory, something that really meant something," said volunteer Jennifer Lee-Thorp.  

Service-goers were touched. 

"A great way to remember the innocence that we unfortunately lost," commented Sarah Wilbur.

Dean Gary Hall also preached to the faith community about reaching out to political leaders, calling for gun violence to end. 

Hall said: "We here at the cathedral are celebrating Christmas which is a most joyous time but it happens at time of great suffering. We're trying to show through this altar, through our prayers and through our witness that we stand with them, we won't forget them. And we can make the world a safer place, especially for children."

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